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Blithe spirit dating - ver el gringuito online dating

He assures her that the goblet is an authentic 18th-century artifact, and she purchases it after he teaches her the art of bargaining.Hoping to see her again, Renato offers to search for a matching goblet.

Although she asks him not to come to the train station, she hopes he will ignore her request.The following day, Jane goes shopping and sees a red glass goblet in the window of an antiques store.Upon entering she discovers that the owner, Renato de Rossi (Rossano Brazzi), is the very man from whom she fled the night before.Also staying at the property are Eddie Yaeger (Darren Mc Gavin), a young American painter studying art, and his wife Phyl (Mari Aldon).Jane is also pestered off and on during her stay by a friendly young Italian street urchin, Mauro.Renato realises that she thinks he has swindled her, but he assures her that some designs have been used for centuries on Murano and he insists that her goblet is an antique.

The two attend a concert at the piazza, where an orchestra plays the overture to La gazza ladra.

That evening, he comes to her pensione and confesses his attraction for her.

When Jane resists his advances, he warns her not to waste an opportunity for happiness, and she is about to agree to have dinner with him when the Mc Ilhennys return from a shopping expedition on the island of Murano, during which they purchased a set of new red goblets similar to the one Jane bought.

Upon returning to the pensione, Jane discovers Eddie is having an affair with Signora Fiorini.

Renato arrives and tells her their relationship is none of her business.

During the ride on a vaporetto to the Pensione Fiorini, she meets two fellow Americans, Lloyd (Mac Donald Parke) and Edith (Jane Rose) Mc Ilhenny.

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