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CLICK HERE TO SEE THE LIST OF THE BEST ITALIAN CHAT-UP LINES As an aside, the video below illustrates the difference between English and Italian ways of thinking when it comes to flirting: A Lunch Break Romance from Danny Sangra on Vimeo.Don't miss a story about Italy - Join us on Facebook and Twitter.

In a calm, soft voice touched with a Southern accent, Miss Broome told the court: ''I admit that I killed Francesco.Continuando la navigazione nel sito acconsenti al loro impiego in conformità alla nostra Cookie Policy, che ti invitiamo pertanto a consultare.Accedendo alla nostra Cookie Policy , inoltre, potrai negare il consenso all'installazione dei cookie.'One Last Shot' at Modeling The crime took place at dawn on June 26, 1984, just two months after Miss Broome arrived in Italy.In an interview, she said she came to Milan to give fashion modeling ''one last shot'' after failing for seven years to achieve success in New York.Miss Broome, 28 years old, faces possible life imprisonment for shooting Francesco D'Alessio, a member of a wealthy horse-breeding family, who she says insulted her repeatedly and treated her obscenely.

Her trial, which began last week, attracted many journalists and spectators, and it had to be moved to a larger courtroom.

ROME, June 15— Ever since she was a teen-ager in South Carolina dreaming of a modeling career, Terry Broome has wanted to be famous.

Now she is photographed every day in a Milan courtroom, where she has admitted killing an Italian playboy and has spelled out the details of her cocaine addiction and her love affairs.

D'Alessio's provocations but also on a court-ordered psychiatric study that concluded that at the time of the crime Miss Broome was suffering a ''temporary psychosis'' caused by ''chronic cocaine intoxication.'' Breaking Free of the 'Leeches' In an interview in the Milan courthouse, Miss Broome thought back to the men she gave herself to during those fast days two years ago.

''These were not people from the fashion industry but hangers-on who surrounded it like leeches,'' she said.

By her own admission Miss Broome brought with her an already robust appetite for cocaine, and she says it was readily fed by a circle of well-to-do men who led her on a swirl of all-night parties and short-lived romances.

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