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The people running this so-called Deep State of overblown and overgrown institutions probably acted at first with the good intentions of keeping the national lifestyle afloat.But in the end (now approaching) they stooped to too much duplicity and deceit in the desperate attempt to not just preserve the system, but to protect their own reputations and personal perquisites. But had Hillary Clinton won the election, at least the right gang would have had to take the blame — the people in charge for the past twenty years.

We have not faced the fact that the manufacturing fiesta based on fossil fuels was a one-time thing due to special historical circumstances and will not be repeated.

But we blew that off, too, and shortly it will be very difficult to get around this geographically large country by any mechanical means.

It may be too late now to do anything about that for the financing reasons already touched on — and which I will elaborate on next.

The current narrative weaves an expectation that manufacturing industry will return to the USA complete with all the 1962-vintage societal benefits of great-paying blue collar jobs, plus an orgy of infrastructure-building.

I think both ideas are flawed, even allowing for good intentions.

It was hard to see this with seemingly plenty of oil available.

And, of course, the computer tech fiesta was blossoming, but for all that glitzy stuff to attract dwindling real capital, other old stuff had to go, and did go, and when all was said and done the computers did not generate much wealth or social value.

We could have applied our post-WW2 treasure to building beautiful walkable towns and cities with some capacity for adaptive re-use, but we blew it in order to enjoy life in a one-time demolition derby. Societies make poor choices sometimes, and then there are consequences.

We also might have been in better shape now if, beginning twenty years ago, we began a major rebuild of our railway infrastructure.

Some of you may recognize this as the World Made By Hand scenario. Similarly for “infrastructure” spending touted by the forces of Trump as the coming panacea for economic malaise.

I suspect most people assume this means a trillion-dollar stimulus spend on highways and their accessories.

New state-of-the-art factories would require an Everest of private capital investment that is simply impossible to manifest in a system that is already leveraged up to its eyeballs.

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