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Within all this, Clydie King took no solo slots on the US warm-up dates, but duetted with Dylan on ‘Abraham Martin and John’ or ‘Rise Again’ each night, and, on the last concert (Columbia Maryland, June 14), on ‘Dead Man, Dead Man’ also.For some reason, King missed the first European concert, in Toulouse, France, on June 21, but she was there for the rest, and on her first night, in Colombe on June 23, she and Dylan débuted their duet of the old Everly Brothers song ‘Let It Be Me’, sung now as if a devotional song addressed to God, yet not without a frisson of something between the two singers.

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The 1981 tour - sometimes called the ‘Shot Of Love Tour’ - comprised four warm-up shows in the US in June, a leg in Europe in June-July and another in North America in October-November.

As one of the vocal group the Blackberries she also made a mysteriously never-released album for Motown at the end of the ‘60s, followed by several Blackberries singles in 1973 & 1974.

Her prodigious back-up singing career included being a one-time member of Ray Charles’ Raelettes, singing on many of Phil Spector’s girl-group records of the very early 1960s, being among Joe Cocker’s Mad Dogs & Englishmen, singing on Jesse Ed Davis’ second solo album, on Steppenwolf’s hit ‘Born to be Wild’, on the 1973 Sonny Terry & Brownie Mc Ghee album Sonny & Brownie, tracks by Lynyrd Skynyrd and Tim Rose and, while romantically linked to Mick Jagger, on the Rolling Stones’ album Exile on Main Street.

In 1972 or 1976 came a shoddily packaged solo album on Lizard, Direct Me.

One more single, a version of Sly & the Family Stone’s ‘Dance to the Music’, credited to Clydie King & Brown Sugar, came out on Chelsea Records in 1973, as did the album Brown Sugar Featuring Clydie King (with a heavy reliance on songs penned by Donna Weiss).

Howard Sounes’ Down The Highway: A Life of Bob Dylan, published in 2001, claimed that at some point Bob Dylan even bought her a house. [Clydie King: ‘Our Romance’ c/w ‘Writing on the Wall’, Specialty 605, (78 rpm), US, 1956-7, reissued on the 5-CD box set The Specialty Story, Specialty 4412, US, 1994; ‘I’m Invited To Your Party’ c/w ‘Young Fool In Love’, Specialty 642, US, 1957; Direct Me, Lizard Ampex A-20104, US, 1972/76.

Clydie King & Brown Sugar, ‘Dance to the Music’, Chelsea 0239, US, 1973.Her last day of action in Dylan’s professional life seems to have been at Dylan’s home studio in the garage at the Malibu house in March 1984, when she sometimes joined Bob and The Plugz at their rehearsal sessions for the ‘Late Night with David Letterman’ TV show that month, though she didn’t take part in the show itself.Howard Alk filmed King, Dylan and the band both backstage and onstage on the fall 1981 tour, and also took copious pictures of Clydie and Bob together in 1980-81, several of which are published in the large-format booklet with the 5-LP box set Biograph in 1985, one of which, reproduced full page, has a quiet air of intimacy about it, at least on Ms King’s part.On the fall tour of North America, though the backing singers didn’t start the show they did perform one number in the middle each night; Clydie and Bob started the tour by continuing to sing ‘Let’s Begin’ but soon introduced the old Tommy Edwards hit ‘It’s All in the Game’ (débuted in Merrillville, Indiana, October 19, 1981), in turn replacing this with ‘I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight’ in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania on October 25, throwing in an extra ‘Let’s Begin’ at the concert after that and then reintroducing ‘Let It Be Me’ in Toronto on October 29, retaining it in Montreal and then, dropping both this and the ‘I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight’ duet, returned to ‘It’s All In The Game’ in Kitchener, Ontario on Hallowe’en.After that it was mostly back to ‘I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight’, though there was no duet in Atlanta on November 15.Some years later Dylan said in an interview: ‘I’ve also got a record with just me and Clydie King singing together and it’s great, but it doesn’t fall into any category that the record company knows how to deal with.’ The nearest they came to any such Dylan-King release was with the studio version of their duet on ‘Let It Be Me’, recorded at a Shot Of Love session on May 1, 1981, which was released, though in Europe only and billed as solely by Bob Dylan, on the B-side of ‘Heart of Mine’, in September 1981.

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