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At times, he has absorbed energy directed at himself and channeled it to augment his own power.

The Tekko evolved after five stages of development.

In form and function, the horsehoe tekko more closely resembles a specialized knife such as a "double knife," a miniature "moon knife" or "duck knife".

Unlike "brass knuckles" that rely primarily on "bludgeoning", the Horseshoe Tekko emphasizes "shielding against" (blocking) and "hooking" (capturing) incoming weapons attack, as well as "stabbing" an opponent or "hooking" anatomically vital points.

, which originated in Okinawa, Japan, falls into the category of a "fist-load weapon".

By definition, a fist-load weapon increases the mass of the hand so that, given the physical proportionality between the fist's momentum and its mass, it increases the force the bearer can deliver.

However, the popularity of the horseshoe tekko faded, as attention turned to the smaller, more concealable horse stirrup.

The horse stirrup ("abumi") version consists of a semicircle, with two ends connected by a bar.

because many Kobudo practitioners liken them to "brass knuckles", the possession of which the jurisdiction of many states prohibit as concealed weapons.

Owning, and carrying this brass knuckles, often has legal ramifications.

Furthermore, the traditional stirrup tekko consists of light metal and wood, whereas modern day manufacturers of the knucklebuster version tend to focus on heavy metals such as brass, although modern models made out of such diverse materials as aluminium, wood, steel, iron, and even plastic do exist.

Artisans crafted the traditional stirrup upon which the modern design evolved from either wood or metal and were often made from a piece of flat bar, bent into a horseshoe shape and held together by a bolt.

Current experts in the area usually will not teach the discipline unless the prospective student already has displayed appropriate demeanor over the course of many years for the training in other martial arts areas.

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