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Free dating site in usa canada uk dual citizenship - Steinbock frau flirten

With all immodesty, I'm a perfectly integrated foreigner in Germany.

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Shortly thereafter, Germany was compelled in 2007 to give this right to all EU citizens, and not just the French, since defending such a blatant double standard would have been impossible in the European courts.

But until Germany catches up with the rest of the world, I'll remain a US citizen – and a German taxpayer.

Marc Young [email protected]/marcyoung A version of this commentary was first published in German by the Berlin newspaper Der Tagesspiegel.

This is a sponsored article provided by Rutland Ježek, advokátní kancelář.

In order to enable foreigners residing in the Czech Republic to obtain a dual citizenship, a proposal of a new Act on Citizenship was prepared by the Ministry of Interior.1) Can a foreigner keep his/her citizenship when he/she applies for the Czech citizenship under current legislation?

I know a Mexican living in Munich who recently became a proud German because Mexico simply refuses to strip people of their citizenship as Germany requires of naturalized immigrants. Yet conservative Bavarian politicians appear to be handling this affront in their midst just fine.

The state premier of Bavaria, Horst Seehofer, and many other German politicians claim you can't be a loyal German citizen while holding onto a second passport.

Apparently what goes for David the top politician doesn't apply to Mehmet selling fruit and veg on the corner.

Because just like the nasty stereotype that Turks in Germany are only up to being greengrocers, Germany's immigration policy allows for the clear discrimination against “unwanted” foreigners.

But three generations Turkish immigrants – and a few well-integrated Americans – are still discriminated against.

I'm aware our countries of origin aren't part of the European Union, but that doesn't justify German inconsistency.

Allowing dual citizenship, on the other hand, would help ensure most families became thoroughly “German” by the third generation.

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