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Access the fully searchable contents of the book online at including 40 online-only chapters, a downloadable image library, expanded video collection, quarterly updates, and a glossary of TKR designs with images and text from various device manufacturers.Grasp and apply the latest knowledge with expanded coverage of cartilage repair and regeneration techniques, expanded ligament techniques in allograft and autografts, computer robotics in surgical prognostics, fitting and techniques in partial and total knee arthroplasty, and more. Renowned knee surgeon and orthopaedic sports medicine authority Dr. Norman Scott leads an internationally diverse team of accomplished specialists—many new to this edition—who provide dependable guidance and share innovative approaches to reconstructive surgical techniques and complications management.

After TKA, the patients in the exercise group achieved 90° of knee flexion faster and had a shorter hospital stay.Expanded coverage and rigorous updates—including 40 online-only chapters—keep you current with the latest advances in cartilage repair and regeneration, allograft and autografts, computer robotics in total knee arthroplasty, and other timely topics.This edition is the first book ever endorsed by The Knee Society.Norman Scott, MD, and 11 section editors who are experts in their fields, is your complete, multimedia guide to the most effective approaches for diagnosis and management of the full range of knee disorders affecting patients of all ages.From anatomical and biomechanical foundations, to revision total knee replacement, this authoritative reference provides the most up-to-date and complete guidance on cutting-edge surgical procedures, the largest collection of knee videos in one knee textbook.First, bone holes are created in the femur and tibia, and then a substitute graft is secured within the bone tunnels using implants.

Current techniques are trending towards anatomic location and orientation of the grafts to give patients the best opportunity for a return to prior injury function.

When a patient tears their ACL, they often experience excessive femoral movement and lack of rotational control often described by patients as an unstable knee.

The goal of ACL Reconstruction surgery is to restore the torn, native ligament.

Timothy Reish recently completed the first N8TIVE ACL Reconstruction surgical technique in New York.

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) is a primary ligament found in the knee.

Access the full text - including a wealth of detailed intraoperative photographs, a robust video library, additional online-only chapters, a glossary of TKR designs, quarterly updates, and more - at