Invalidating session in spring mvc

02-Nov-2017 02:18 by 3 Comments

Invalidating session in spring mvc - vb6 datagrid row cannot be located for updating

This Post (and actually every post in this series) shows this logout in action.

The src from the tutorial you can download in the end of tutorial.

This is a simple Spring MVC controller with the one extra @Session Attributes annotation.

It indicates that in the controller’s methods can be assigned some values to arguments of the annotation.

I’m going to extend the application by adding a session logic to the existing student-form, create a new one page with a form and a single text field on it.

The text from the field will be processed by a some controller and added to the session.

To complete counters for handling time example, we also implement method, which is described in the next subsection.

This method is implementation just to get information, how long it took to process the current request.If you like tutorials on this site, why not take a step further and connect me on Facebook , Google Plus & Twitter as well?I would love to hear your thoughts on these articles, it will help me improve further our learning process.This logic is just a proof of concept – we can of course easily achieve the same result using session timeouts – but the result is not the point here, the usage of the interceptor is.And so, we want to make sure that session will be invalidated if the user is not active.In this example, we will configure maximum inactive time for the users in our system.

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