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That is when the disconnection and loss of emotional intimacy is most felt by those married to a passive aggressive spouse.

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Their fear of conflict coupled with their fear of forming emotional connections keeps them from being a fully engaged marital partner. Try to engage in conflict with a passive aggressive spouse!

Right up until they are no longer able to hold in their pent-up anger from years of agreeing and complying with.

When they get to that point, no one can be more defiant that the passive aggressive.

As a result, conflicts don't get resolved, you are left reeling in negative emotions and they are left feeling relieved they've escaped engaging. The more detached the passive aggressive appears to be during conflict the more anxiety you begin to feel over the realization that this person is not emotionally invested.

This is the most important person in your life, refusing to do what other couples are able to navigate…marital conflict and connect emotionally.

It’s riddled with conflict and, at no time, do we want to feel more connected and cared about than during conflict with our spouse.

And that is something that those married to a passive aggressive spouse don’t experience.

For a marriage to succeed it requires intimacy, self-sacrifice and emotional investment on the part of both spouses.

The passive aggressive spouse is child-like in their emotional connection with anyone.

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Marriage can be an extremely pleasurable experience unless you are married to a passive aggressive.

For that reason, they love to play but also pout when they feel you are expecting more than they are willing to give.

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