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The zenith intensity at the maximum geomagnetic activity is about 12% higher than the zenith intensity before the start of the geomagnetic storm in equatorial region.

Three geomagnetic storms, which occurred on 23-27 August 2005, 13-17 April 2006 and 1-5 February 2008 are chosen in the present study.

A negative correlation is found between the volume emission rate (VER) and the Dst index for all the three geomagnetic storms.

The new NRLMSISE-00 model and the associated NRLMSIS database now include the following data: (1) total mass density from satellite accelerometers and from orbit determination, including the Jacchia and Barlier data; (2) temperature from incoherent scatter radar, and; (3) molecular oxygen number density, [O2], from solar ultraviolet occultation aboard the Solar Maximum Mission (SMM).

A new component, 'anomalous oxygen,' allows for appreciable O( ) and hot atomic oxygen contributions to the total mass density at high altitudes and applies primarily to drag estimation above 500 km.

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It models the temperatures and densities of the atmosphere's components.

A positive correlation is found between the zenith intensity and the atomic oxygen number density.

The atomic oxygen number density obtained from NRLMSISE-00 model is compared with the measurements of Earle et al.

However, no appreciable change in the zenith intensity is found at higher latitudes.

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Especially noteworthy is the solar activity dependence of the Jacchia data, with which we investigate a large O( ) contribution to the total mass density under the combination of summer, low solar activity, high latitudes, and high altitudes.