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NEW STN RELEASE: DWPIM - First-ever unified Markush solution delivers comprehensive access to generic chemical structures disclosed in patents Chemical compounds can be disclosed in patents in two ways: as specific structures and as structures with generic descriptions.These so-called Markush structures may represent hundreds or thousands of individual chemical compounds.

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The new STN platform is being designed and developed to turn the needs and priorities of today's patent experts into a state-of-the-art search and analysis system that works the way users do.

STN offers value-added, chemical structure searchable information from the most important patent offices in English language.

The graphics/charts on STN’s poster show Download the poster.

STN is an information service in the field of research and patent information worldwide renowned.

It is highly valued by firms active in chemistry, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals, as well as patent offices, lawyers and research institutions.

Bei einer Wohnungsdurchsuchung stellten Einsatzkräfte zahlreiche Beweismittel, insbesondere Computer, Datenträger und geringe Mengen Betäubungsmittel sicher.

Auch der Server wurde beschlagnahmt, das Forum abgeschaltet.

Nach Angaben des Bundeskriminalamtes (BKA) vom Montag soll über das Internetforum auch der Verkauf der bei dem Amoklauf in München im Juli 2016 eingesetzten Waffe abgewickelt worden sein.

Der 30-jährige Verdächtige soll seit 2013 alleiniger Administrator des Forums gewesen sein, über die zahlreiche illegale Geschäfte, insbesondere mit Drogen und Waffen, abgewickelt worden seien.

Several interfaces with specialized features and content have been tailored to the needs of different user groups. In this case our experts perform searches on behalf of clients using STN databases and compile the results for presentation.

Subsequently to your search our integrated document delivery Service FIZ Auto Doc provides you easy and fast access to full-text journal articles and patents.

On STN this content is combined with highly developed tools and functions for retrieval, analysis and visualization.