Updating sony gps

24-Sep-2017 15:56 by 4 Comments

Updating sony gps - shroud of turin carbon dating false

I think I'll continue to use the card method...

After the first time it said 10/28/11 to 11/27/11 so I thought it had upated automatically.

Even though I'm not sure if PMB is running all the time or not. Maybe if I did it would recognize the camera automatically?

I tend to load the GPS assist info into the A55 through the card instead. So I connected it again after reading your message and it looked like I had to force an udpate and now it says 11/3/2011 - 12/3/2011. I waited for it to find the camera and told it to update. The other confusing thing is PMB claimed there is a firmeware update and offered to let me download it.

I had all Sony software installed long ago – I think probably from A55 or even earlier.

I am updating it periodically over Internet and every time I am getting new camera, just in case.

I haven't needed to update the data yet, but the damned data is too accurate, need to be carefull (it can identify front yard and back yard distinctly, as well as locations inside the house...

Are you saying that GPS assist data on the SD card does not do it either?

N I used this tool to get the file onto the card, selected the update function in the camera menu and it worked fine (I don't use the Sony software suite and don't have it installed). forum=1037&message=37203173 My 55 works automatically when I connect it to Internet-enabled computer or if I put the card with file ASSISTME.

DAT updated in the Private\Sony\GPS\ folder via PMB GPS Support Tool. PBM GPS Support Tool does put the file on the card, but camera does not reflect new changes and acts as if it never got them.

Just checked the a77 menu and it says Nov 2 through Nov 2, same as yours.

Not sure what to make of it since I know I saw the confirmation on the computer that the update was valid through Dec 3.

There is also a manual method of dropping a file somewhere on the SD card.