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If you ever need to let your friends know exactly where you are, jump into a chat with them, hit the three dots and choose Location.Your friend will instantly get a map showing your precise position.

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Have you been giving your stalkers your address inadvertently?

It’s all too GIPHYThere’s also a quick thumbs-up button you can use for a simple reaction to a message.

Most people don’t realize you can also resize it by holding the thumb before you post. The first time you do this you’ll need to connect a debit card to your account.

Instead of taking a photo with your phone’s camera app, then uploading it to Messenger, you can actually just click on the camera icon to get the job done.

Take a quick selfie or a photo of something you need to share and it will send instantly.

Better still, if you need to re-book your flight you can do it all via Messenger. Everyone gets all the updates and no-one misses anything important.

You can also name your groups and pin them to the top, so if you’ve got a long-term group chat going with your family members or your bowling friends you can keep it organised and easy to find.If you’ve ever been in an active group chat, you’ve probably noticed it can be a special form of torture. This will change the conversation color for everyone in the chat, even if it’s a group chat.Notifications for every single message can really start to get on your nerves. You can mute for a set length of time — 15 minutes, 1 hour, 8 hours, 24 hours — or you can choose “Until I turn it back on” for an indefinite period of time. By default you only see messages from your contacts, even though occasionally you may be sent a message from a stranger.You don’t really want your friends being able to see private chats while your phone is on the table in front of them.To remove previews, just head into the settings and uncheck the “Show Previews” option.Facebook Messenger is one those ubiquitous apps that almost everyone uses on a daily basis and doesn’t really think about it.

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