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Xmobar updating - dating the russians

and tailor is now able to cope with encoding problem I had (bzr back-end in tailor does not support that option), can handle old darcs' date-format and works with darcs-2 repository format - i.e. Just a short update..today's Haskell-cafe list: "I'm pleased to announce yet another tool for importing darcs repositories to git.Unlike darcs2git [1] and darcs-to-git [2], it's written in Haskell, on top of the darcs2 source code.

I've tried using darcs-2git front-end, but all I get is something like: [email protected] ~/r/b/fish patch 4 Rewinding 1 patches yes: standard output: Broken pipe yes: write error .... So, the only remaining tool to try was tailor which works nicely.

The result is a much faster program - it can convert the complete ghc 6.9 branch (without libraries) in less than 15 minutes on my slightly dated machine (Athlon XP 2500 ), which is quite fast [3].

Incremental updates work, too." See Deprecation Warning: The popen2 module is deprecated. import popen2 progress [2008-11-12 ] getting list of patches Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/py", line 304, in _read_eof hex(self.crc))) IOError: CRC check failed 0x327ba8f ! branch now has 294 revisions and 4 tags Imported 294 revisions, updating 1 branch and 0 trees in To refresh the working tree for a branch, use 'bzr update'.

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It would be nice to mak darcs-fast-export functional.

Otoh, I also had problem with --export-bmark -) cd xmobar.bzr/master/ bzr update cd - diff --exclude _darcs --exclude --exclude '*-darcs-backup*' -Naur xmobar.bzr/master xmobar # good, it does not show any change, so the initial conversion was fine darcs-fast-export --export-bmark -) # no changes, but let's see if it screwed up something diff --exclude _darcs --exclude --exclude '*-darcs-backup*' -Naur xmobar.bzr/master xmobar # fine, still the same darcs 2.1.0 (release) Bazaar (bzr) 1.7.1 bzr-fastimport 0.6 (The commands are based on the -) progress [2008-11-12 ] getting list of patches Updating branch information ... Still, even by following the procedure I got failures with bigger repos (gtk2hs, c2hs, darcs-unstable...) Have you received/seen the paste I sent in #git yesterday? Maybe it is worth investigating a bit more, but so far my experience is that every darcs-1 format repo fails (pulled the latest code from the repo), while every darcs-2 works (I tried with few smaller ones). Sincerely, Gour Hi, I just pushed two fixes to fix two issues pointed out by the darcs-unstable conversion, so that works fine here now.

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Those packages must be prepared using Cabal and should be present at Hackage.

This will download the most recent list of packages; this must be done from time to time, to get the latest version of each package, when installing.

Help about cabal-install can be obtained by giving commands like: -h --help Show the help text -V --version Print version information --numeric-version Print just the version number --config-file=FILE Set an alternate location for the config file --sandbox-config-file=FILE Set an alternate location for the sandbox config file (default: './cabal.sandbox.config') --require-sandbox Enable requiring the presence of a sandbox for sandbox-aware commands --no-require-sandbox Disable requiring the presence of a sandbox for sandbox-aware commands --ignore-sandbox Ignore any existing sandbox install Installs a list of packages.

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